Small indie games studio currently making charming system-driven games

2019 02 21 - Gameplay Mockup 2.png

The Crown

Currently we’re working on the prototype for our Fantasy Kingdom Builder, The Crown. Run around as the Monarch, lifting and throwing everything in sight to build and manage your Kingdom. Free prototype coming out in 2019.

2018 07 27 - 24fps - 2.gif


Can you survive a Japanese Game Show? BANZAI ROYALE is a top-down online shooter to become the last Salaryman standing. Contestants must scavenge for weapons, dodge roll past bullets, and escape the enclosing danger zone!

2017 09 29 Face Off.gif

Lance A Lot

Ruin friendships. On Rockets. Lance A Lot a fast-paced local multiplayer game about jousting. Except you’re on rockets. Because let’s face it, knights on rockets are way cooler. And if anyone says otherwise, then challenge them to a duel and prove them wrong.