want to join our crew at brimstone?

Got what it takes to commit to our deep dark game developer cult? Currently, we're a team of five but we're always looking to expand ourselves to the darkest corners of the world. Located in Skövde, Sweden where it's pretty much sunny only two days out of the year, we welcome folks from all reaches of the world. So, if you want to join up with us in hopes of creating games to conquer the light, reach out and send us an e-mail!


3D Character Artist 

Our 3D Character artist is responsible for creating fantastic characters. You should have a solid range of highly stylized and cartoonish figures to fairly detailed realistic pieces.

3D Environment Artist 

The 3D Environment artist is responsible for creating interiors and planet exteriors. They should also be well versed in creating their own hand painted textures, as well as making highly stylized to fairly detailed realistic props. 

3D Animator 

Can you animate the dead? We're mostly looking for someone who can animate the living, but the dead is fine too. Our 3D Animator should also be skilled in rigging as well.





Brimstone is a Safe Space and does not discriminate against any race, gender identity, or sexual identity