Legal Name: Brimstone Games AB

Founded: February 22nd 2016

Based In: Skövde, Sweden

Team Size: 5

Press Contact: contact@brimstone.games


Brimstone was formed in February 2016 by five students from the University of Skövde. At the time, the company was known as Rocket Hammer. Our first project was Lance A Lot: Classic Edition, a local party game about jousting on rockets. The game had won Gamer's Choice Award at Swedish Game Awards and was nominated for Best Design. After the release of our second game, Lance A Lot: Enhanced Edition, we rebranded ourselves as Brimstone to reflect the changes within the company and the general direction of future games. 


Brimstone is an ambitious team founded in 2016. We strive to bring you games with a focus on solid core mechanics and game play. 



Cal Rehnqvist
Does Stuff
@calvaroni, calvin@brimstone.games

Rasmus Hofréus
Designer & CEO
@Ztridus, rasmus@brimstone.games


Erik Thomasson Forsberg
@tEFFx, erik@brimstone.games

Albin Högbom
3D Art Intern
@albinnh, albin@brimstone.games


Amanda Hargreaves
3D Art Intern amanda@brimstone.games