2018 07 28 - Splash Art Final.png
2018 07 28 - Splash Art Final.png




2019 02 08 - Gameplay Mockup.png

The Crown (王冠)

Currently we’re working on the prototype for our Fantasy Kingdom Builder. Run around as the Monarch, crafting your Kingdom as you please. Lift up houses and shake them for taxes. Throw burning buildings into the lake. Arrest a dragon. Free prototype to be release 2019 on Itch.io & Steam.

2018 07 27 - 12.gif


バンザイロイヤル is a top-down online shooter where contestants must scavenge the map for weapons and battle to become the last Salaryman standing! Throw katanas, eat burgers and dodge roll past flying bullets in this fast-paced brawl! 

2017 09 29 Face Off.gif

Lance A lot

Lance A Lot is a local party game that pits 4 friends against each other in GLORIOUS rocket-powered combat! Fly across the sky on a noble rocket steed and use your lance to send worthy adversaries plummeting towards the ground. In the end there can only be one knight left standing!