Challenge your friends to a glorious duel of rocket jousting
for up to four players! Settle rivalries and become the last knight
standing in this fast-paced local multiplayer!


Lance A Lot! You have a rocket lance that you can poke your friends with to cause a one hit kill. Or fire it from your hands to skewer them to the wall. We're pretty sure your friend deserved it. 

  • SMASH. EVERYTHING. You have a Rocket Hammer to bash each other with. Smack them into things, take out all that internal aggression on the controller. 

  • Interact with your environment. Bash rockets for an excessive amount of explosions. Don't like trees? Yeah, no one does, so break them with your hammer. Holy Hand Grenades. Throw them. Throw all of them. 

  • Change your playstyle with 4 different game modes and 6 different rulesets.
    You can fight over territory in King of the Hill until everyone is yelling at each other, or smack each other out of the arena in Sumo. We're pretty sure that's how rockets work. 

  • Play solo against AI. They're pretty smart. A little too smart. Suspiciously smart.



Development: 7 months

Released Date: September 28th, 2017

Platforms: PC

Price: 7.99$/€

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Cross Logo Black

Cross Logo White

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